Microfinance can boost employment

The central theme of the 11th Annual Conference of the European Microfianance Network was “Employment – Challenges and Opportunities for Microfinance.” The international conference was celebrated in Lisboa, on 19-20 June.

Over 300 participants attended the event, including EMN member organizations, speakers, and representatives of other institutions active in the microfinance sector. The Hungarian delegation consisted of 18 experts and was lead by the Fejér Enterprise Agency, on behalf of the Hungarian Microfinance Network.

The conference was a unique opportunity for the participants to analyze how the sector in Europe should respond to the various challenges that have emerged after the financial crisis to build a more social, financial and entrepreneurially inclusive Europe while also supporting an effective response to unemployment.
The 2-day conference was a unique opportunity for the team of FEA to make interviews with microfinance experts. The short videos are available on the website of the Economic World TV (www.gazdasagi.tv).

2014/07/17, RVA Group


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